Why Visit the Dentist During the Summer?

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We know summer days are packed with sun and fun and you might not be thinking about your teeth right now but taking the time to visit your Peoria family dentist, Dr. Cooperman, at Dental Ben’s, during the summer, may actually be much more convenient. 

School is out

With school being out it might be easier to schedule all your family’s dental check-ups. During the school year everyone is so busy with sports, activities, and events that scheduling dental appointments may be quite difficult. If you are on vacation you also won't need to take any time off from work to get everyone to their dental appointments. 

Dental Work and Recovery time

If anyone in your family needs further dental work such as a wisdom tooth extraction or root canal work, they may need to take a day or more to rest after the procedure to facilitate healing. Taking the day off in the summer when there is less going on will be much easier.

Ready to go back to school with a smile

Not only will you have saved yourself from having to juggle school, work and dental appointments but you will ensure your family’s teeth are in good shape and ready for the upcoming year. A routine cleaning will make sure their teeth are pearly white for those beginning of the year school pictures. 

High Sugar Consumption

Both children and adults tend to consume more sugar during the summer. Sodas, sweets, fruits and juices can all negatively impact your family’s oral health. To protect your family’s teeth, your Peoria family dentist may suggest applying dental sealants to keep the grooves of primary teeth safe from decay. Adults may opt for a routine cleaning during this time to remove the plaque build-up which is exacerbated by high sugar intake.

Dental Ben’s is open and taking all the safety measures required to keep you and your family safe during your visits. Call us to set up an appointment at 623-289-9334. Dr. Cooperman, your Peoria family dentist, looks forward to welcoming you back and to getting your family’s smiles all ready for the next school year. 

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