What Causes Tooth Pain

Why Do You Have Tooth Pain?

Pain from your teeth is an indicator that something may be amiss with one or more of your teeth or jaw, requiring immediate medical attention by visiting your dentist.

If you have pain in your mouth, never dismiss it as something that will be taken care of on it's own.

Damaged Tooth

If a tooth is damaged, it can cause a considerable amount of pain to a person. A tooth can be damaged from trauma to the mouth or even biting something too hard that damages a tooth. This pain could be from a crack in the tooth or that the took is damaged toward the gum line and root to where the tooth may be a bit loose.

A damaged tooth will usually hurt even worse when eating with that tooth, or letting cold or warm liquids touch the tooth. If you do have a damaged tooth, you should see a dentist right away before it gets worse.


If bacteria gain entry to a tooth's pulp, it can quickly develop into an excruciatingly painful tooth infection. Each tooth has a pulp with nerves that keep the tooth alive. When bacteria reaches this area, usually through a cavity or crack in the tooth, it can cause an infection. This pain is usually pretty intense throughout the day.

Immediately visit a dentist if you experience a tooth infection. While it's possible that antibiotics may help for a few days, the problem needs to be fixed by a dentist. In some cases, a tooth may be able to have a small filling to shut off access from bacteria to the tooth pulp. In other cases, a tooth may need a root canal if the pulp is heavily infected. In worse cases, the pulp is infected and there is a considerable amount of decay which may lead to the tooth needing to be removed from the mouth.

Never wait if you think you have a tooth infection. Like most dental issues, waiting can cause the issue to turn into a larger, more expensive fix.

Sensitive Tooth

Tooth sensitivity can often be linked to more severe dental conditions, including worn enamel, gum recession and teeth grinding (also known as bruxism). Exposing the dentin's soft inner layer to temperatures, sweet foods or pressure may result in sharp bursts of pain. This pain is normally temporary, but can be painful nonetheless.

Depending on the cause of the sensitivity, a dentist can help relieve this pain by filling a cavity, placing a crown, or other services. The best way to see what you need is to visit a dentist and have the issue explored. Sometimes tooth sensitivity can be fixed by using tooth sensitivity toothpaste as well, others may nee

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