What are Bicuspid Teeth?

What Are Bicuspids?

Bicuspids are the teeth between your canines and your molars. They are also known as premolars. There are 8 total bicuspids, or premolars and they get their name because they have two, or "bi", points, or "cusps", on the crown of the tooth. One cusps toward the tongue side of the tooth, and one towards the cheek side of the tooth.

What Do Bicuspids Do?

Bicuspids are used for chewing food. While molars have the primary job of crushing food, premolars share this job as well as share the job of slicing food. They share the roles of canines and molars and make the perfect transition between the slicing jobs of our teeth. These teeth are the perfect example of the saying "jack of all trades". Everyone has these teeth are they are very useful in everday function of breaking down food.

Sometimes these teeth are removed when there is too much crowding. When getting braces done due to overcrowding, a tooth may need to be removed to allow room for other teeth to be straightened. Because they are not primarily for slicing or primary for crushing, they can be taken out without limiting function of your mouth.

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