Use Your Dental Benefits Before End Of Year

So what should you do since the year is almost up, and you still have some of your dental benefits left?

Did you know that your benefits don’t roll over? Once it’s the end of the calendar year, your annual benefits disappear for good (whether you’ve used them or not).

At Dental Ben’s, we’re dedicated to helping you through your oral health care, so it is easy and affordable. It’s our responsibility that you get the care that you need and take advantage of every benefit available to you.

Here are four ways to utilize your dental benefits before the year ends:

woman smiling

Professional Cleaning

Even if you don’t need any treatment, you should have regular cleaning. It does more than keep your mouth clean.

During a professional cleaning, a Peoria dentist detects and prevents dental problems such as gum disease, oral cancer, and cavities.

An added bonus is that you even get to maintain your natural teeth and flash your brighter smile!

Consider Cosmetic Treatments

Depending on the benefits left, you might enjoy cosmetic dental procedures like teeth whitening, filling, night guards, or Invisalign.

Though not recommended, you can overlap a two-step treatment between this year and the next. You’ll be reducing your out-of-pocket costs while preventing further damage to your tooth.

Instead of losing your benefits, end the year with a smile that looks healthy, youthful, and natural.

Routine Checkups

Preventive care is better than a cure. Studies show that oral health is linked to several chronic illnesses, including heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Regular visits to a Peoria dentist can help detect these conditions early.

Most dental insurance plans provide coverage for two checkups a year. So if you’ve not had one yet, it’s an excellent time to schedule an appointment at Dental Ben’s.

Restore Your Smile

Don’t put up with discomfort and embarrassment any longer.

Whether the cause of your missing tooth is an accident or decay, a Peoria dentist can restore your smile.

Restorative dental solutions such as crowns, implants, or bridges can make your teeth look and feel completely natural.

Make Use of Your Dental Benefits Today!

Maybe you’ve been considering teeth whitening. Or perhaps you’ve been delaying a large treatment plan.

Whatever the reason, you work hard for your money. So why waste it by leaving needed treatment undone until it further damages your teeth and becomes more expensive?

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cooperman at Dental Ben’s, in Peoria, before the year ends.

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