Teeth Hurting While Eating Sweets

Sugary treats should be enjoyed and not be painful! Any discomfort while eating them could be an indication of serious dental health problems, and should be seen as a warning sign.

Teeth that hurt when eating sweets typically indicates damage to the enamel of your tooth, although other causes like bruxism (teeth grinding) could also contribute.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sugary foods and drinks often cause tooth sensitivity due to fermentable carbohydrates that react with bacteria in the mouth to produce acids. These acids erode protective enamel from teeth, leaving sensitive dentin exposed that will cause sensitivity. The direct or indirect contact of sweets or hot/cold items can be sensitive to these teeth.

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, there are a number of solutions to alleviate the pain and discomfort. These include using toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth, changing brushing habits, avoiding acidic foods/drinks and visiting your dentist regularly for cleanings/check-ups.

Sensitivity treatments like fluoride gels, rinses or varnishes may also provide relief, typically applied at regular appointments one or two weeks apart to the sensitive teeth to create a protective shield against acids and other irritants.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay refers to the breakdown of enamel and dentin of teeth due to food, beverages and oral bacteria interacting with its surface to produce acid that slowly erodes away at enamel, exposing softer dentin hidden within. This exposed dentin connects directly with nerve endings in your tooth causing sensitivity or pain as a result.

When there is tooth decay, the most popular way to fix this is to have a filling completed. Tooth fillings fill in the area that has decayed away and provide a barrier of the inside of your tooth to items in your mouth when you chew.

Dental Exam

If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity when eating sweets or hot/cold foods and drinks, you should schedule an exam with a dentist. Tooth sensitivity can be painful to live with and cause worse problems when the problem is not taken care of. If you have tooth decay, it could continue to eat away at the tooth and would need more than a simple filling.

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