Summer Diet for Healthy Teeth

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Oral health is crucial but often an overlooked and underrated aspect of a person’s general hygiene. During summer, it’s easy to indulge in a lot of “should nots” like starches, soda, and sugary foods.

A research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information  reported that 78.1% of people notice bad breath in others. Bad breath impacts self-perception and behavior in personal and professional lifestyles. 

The secret to good oral health is not just frequent dental visits. Here is a lowdown on what to eat and drink to maintain healthy teeth during summer.

1.    Say No to Sugary Drinks and Yes to Water

Water, unlike other drinks, is the healthiest drink. Your body is 60% water, and hydrating helps distribute healthy nutrients and gets rid of waste.

Drinking water with fluoride – the natural cavity fighter - is one of the most beneficial and straightforward things to do to prevent cavities. Water washes away any particles stuck on your teeth.

2.    Eat Meats and Fatty Fish

The best Peoria dentist recommends meats because they offer essential nutrients, and chewing meat produces more saliva, decreasing acidity in the mouth. Red meats and organ meat are especially advisable.

Fatty fish have lots of phosphorus, which is essential for the protection of the tooth enamel. Oily fish are rich in omega-3 fats that inhibit and reduce periodontitis (gum disease).

3.    Choose Fruits and Vegetables 

Fruits and veggies are some of the best foods for healthy teeth. A Peoria dentist advises you to eat crisp fruits and raw vegetables like carrots, celery and apples. They help clean plaque from teeth and ensure freshness of breath.

Most fruits and vegetables have minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants such as Vitamin C which protect gums from bacterial infection or cell damage.

4.    Skip the Summer Treats and Choose Cacao Nibs

According to NCBI, cacao nibs inhibit the growth of Streptococci. mutans in the saliva, which negatively influences the start and development of dental caries. It also prevents tooth cavities by reducing plaque on your teeth and keeping certain bacteria in check.

A study in 2009 revealed that polyphenols in cocoa kill cavity-causing bacteria and build a barrier between your teeth and plaque. Nonetheless, a Peoria dentist recommends that you stick to dark chocolate with minimal or no sugar or just cacao nibs.

Visit Your Peoria Dentist

The goal of a Peoria dentist is to help you maintain your oral hygiene. Make sure you observe a healthy diet this summer because your oral health depends on it.

Dr. Cooperman, the best Peoria dentist, is happy to help. The good news is, bad oral hygiene does not mean the end of the world for you. Visit us today to get you all smiles again.

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