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Back to school season is a hectic time for most parents. Other than shopping for school supplies, you should ensure your little ones get a thorough medical checkup. A visit to your trusted Peoria family dentist should take care of their oral health needs.

As a parent, you should prioritize such medical assessments even without being asked to by the school. Knowing that your child is healthy gives you the peace of mind needed to pursue your other objectives.

A Peoria Family Dentist can Help with Back to School Checkups

Making an appointment before school starts makes it easier to keep up with your child’s dental health history. Your Peoria family dentist may have to schedule treatment depending on the results of a dental exam.

Through an x-ray, the dentist can tell whether your little one has any issue that should be addressed. These include cavities, a weakened enamel, and tooth decay. Dr. Ben will also give advice on the removal of wisdom teeth for teens.

Some dental issues such as cavities need more than one appointment to address. You should, therefore, visit your Peoria family dentist a few weeks before schools re-open. That way there’s little chance of your child missing school due to dental procedures.

The dentist will answer your most pressing questions, such as:
  • How is my child’s overall oral health? Are the teeth lined up correctly? Do they have a healthy bite?
  • What dental issues are likely to crop up in the near future?
  • Does my child need cavity-preventing sealants?

The hygienist will most likely clean their teeth. No matter how well they brush, only professional cleaning can get rid of cavity-causing bacteria and maintain healthy gum tissue.

If your young one takes part in sports, you should make inquiries about their mouthguard. If possible, carry the one he or she currently uses and have your Peoria family dentist inspect it. If it has wear and tear, or your child is going through a growth spurt, they might need a new mouthguard.

We Can Help

If you’re looking for the best Peoria family dentist, Dental Ben’s has you covered. Our practice is renowned for its child-friendly services. Dr. Ben Cooperman is also popular with kids for his painless dental procedures.

With help from his highly qualified assistants, he manages to get children and teens to enjoy dental appointments. The entire team is passionate, enthusiastic and committed to providing the best pediatric dental care available. Feel free to contact us today for more information on our services.

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