Relieve Pain with a Root Canal

root canal treatment infographic

The thought of a root canal makes most people qualm. There are lots of misconceptions that surrounds the procedure. But, you should know that root canal doesn’t hurt. In fact, many people who need root canal treatment are already experiencing pain from a damaged or infected tooth. The treatment eliminates the infection, and that typically removes the source of the pain. A recent survey indicated that patients who have actually had a root canal are six times more likely to describe it as “painless,” compared to those who had not had one.

So, if Dr. Ben Cooperman with Dental Ben’s has suggested this treatment as a way to relieve pain, you shouldn’t get alarmed.

Here’s what you should expect during a root canal therapy.

What Happens During Root Canal Therapy?

  • Preparation

A comprehensive series of x-rays are carried out to assess the extent of the damage to your teeth. Like most dental procedures, a local anesthetic is administered to ensure that you don’t feel any pain during the process.

  • Pulp Removal

A rubber sheet (dam)is placed around your teeth to prevent the risk of swallowing the chemicals used. It also keeps the teeth dry. The dentist then proceeds to remove any infected pulp. This area is usually accessed through the crown. Any swelling or abscess found are drained.

  • Cleaning and Filling

Once the canal has been drained, the dentist then cleans the area and enlarges it using a file. Filing may sound uncomfortable but keep in mind that you are under local anesthetics the whole time. Expanding the root canal makes filling them easier.

Depending on the extent of the damage and the type of tooth. This process may have to be done in more than one session. Each time you leave, the dentist will put medication to prevent infection.

  • Sealing and Fixing

Once the tooth has been successfully filled, it is sealed to avoid future reinfection. Because the damaged nerves and pulp have been removed at this point, the pain you may have been experiencing should be gone. However, the tooth is still delicate, and the dentist in most cases recommend that you wear a synthetic crown to protect it.

Root Canal is the Solution, Not the Problem

At Dental Ben’s we provide the best root canal therapy in Peoria, AZ. With good oral hygiene, the treated tooth is likely to survive for up to 8 years. Besides alleviating the pain, other benefits of the root canal are, better chewing, the infected tooth is saved and protected from wear and tear by the molded synthetic crown.

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