Our Staff Loves GLO Whitening!

GLO whitening capsules

Teeth whitening is an ongoing treatment that begins with a professional in-office visit and can best be maintained at home with our favorite take-home kit. To keep those teeth pearly white, Dr. Cooperman and staff explain why they love GLO Teeth Whitening!

What is the GLO Teeth Whitening System?

The GLO teeth whitening system offers two options.

We offer GLO in-office treatment at Dental Ben’s and then for best results we combine it with the GLO take-home device. The GLO Teeth Whitening device is a specially designed mouth piece which uses heat resistors and light reflectors to direct the energy of gentle warming heat and safe 470nm LED light into the whitening gel which speeds up the whitening process by energizing the hydrogen peroxide formulation. If you run out of the teeth whitening gel, don’t worry, we offer the GLO vials separately, that contains a specially formulated, sensitivity-free, no-drip hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening gel which takes seconds to apply to your teeth.

What do our staff say about the GLO Teeth Whitening System?

“Our staff loves using GLO because it gives the best results in the most comfortable way possible!” –  Dr. Ben Cooperman

“I’ve seen other brands, and our patients seem much more happier with GLO” – Oscar, Lead Dental Assistant

What do our patients say about the GLO Teeth Whitening System?

“I received so many compliments on how white my smile was after getting my teeth whitened! I feel much more confident now. Thank you, Dr. Ben.” – Rachel E.

“I love GLO because I had no sensitivity and great results. I plan on going back right before my wedding day to make sure I have a beautiful smile for the big day.” – Susie S.

More reasons to love GLO:

GLO is clinically proven to whiten your teeth better than strips, trays, and other whitening systems. GLO donates 10% of its profits to provide free dental care to those in need through the GLO Good Foundation. GLO whitening gel is made in the USA and is gluten-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. They also provide an app to help you track your whitening process.

Where can I purchase a GLO Teeth Whitening System?

When you come to our office for your first professional teeth whitening procedure, Dr. Cooperman will introduce you to the GLO Teeth Whitening System. More information and instructions for use will be provided personally, and then you will be able to purchase the system for your convenience directly from our friendly office staff.

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