May is Save Your Tooth Month

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A toothache might be uncomfortably painful to the point of opting for an extraction. While this quick fix might seem like your only resort, having a root canal is a better solution.

It not only ends the pain but preserves your tooth as well. Dental Ben’s is observing Save Your Tooth Month by creating awareness of the benefits of root canal therapy.

Root Canal Myth

In popular culture, this procedure is portrayed as being extremely painful. It’s not uncommon for television and movie characters to compare an uncomfortable experience to having a root canal.

Is this Really the case?

The truth is that it is no different from other procedures such as dental fillings. Using a combination of modern technology and anaesthetics, Dr. Cooperman makes these treatments as painless as any other service offered at Dental Ben’s.

How are They Done?

This procedure becomes necessary when the pulp of your tooth becomes infected. This is the center of the tooth and contains nerve tissue, cells, and blood vessels. If tooth decay, damage or injury affect the pulp, it causes significant discomfort.

A root canal fixes this problem by removing the pulp using specialist instruments, cleaning and decontaminating the tooth. The inside is then shaped, after which it’s temporarily filled with a substance known as gutta percha and sealed.

The entire procedure requires you to revisit Dr. Cooperman, during which he’ll remove the temporary filling for a permanent solution. When completely healed, the tooth will be back to full use. Although this description doesn’t cover the procedure’s complex nature, it gives you a general idea of what to expect.

Your safety is our first priority. Before the procedure begins, Dr. Cooperman will do an x-ray of the affected area. He’ll examine it thoroughly to ensure he understands exactly what the problem is, and what needs to be done.

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