June is Men's Health Month

Men brushing teeth

June is Men’s Health Month

June is Men’s Health Month and although we are coming close to the end of the month, this

is a great opportunity to be reminded of how important it is for men to take care of their

overall health as well as their oral health and the best way to do that is by booking a routine

oral health check-up with Dr. Ben Cooperman, your dentist in Peoria.

Why book regular dental check-ups?

According to the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), men are less likely to visit a dentist

than women, unless they have a specific problem to be addressed but as with all health issues

it is always better to prevent than to cure. By visiting your Peoria dentist for routine check-

ups your dentist will be able to check for cavities, periodontal disease and any other signs of

problems that could lead to further oral health problems in the future. During a regular check-

up you will also undergo a routine cleaning which will help remove any plaque and tartar

build up that you may not be able to clear away yourself.

Review your oral health cleaning routine.

While at the dentist, take the time to go over your brushing technique and oral health routine

with Dr. Cooperman. According to research undertaken by the American Dental Association

(ADA) and the AGD, men brush their teeth twice a day 8% less than women do. To maintain

excellent oral health it is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day and use floss once

a day. Should you have any other specific dental issues, Dr. Cooperman will be able to go

over a personalized oral health routine with you to make sure your teeth and gums stay


The importance of a healthy smile

Maintaining good oral health is important not only for your overall health too but also makes

you more confident in your everyday life. One of the first things people notice when meeting

a new person is their smile. Being able to speak, laugh and smile freely, without worrying

about your teeth’s appearance is extremely important. Your dentist in Peoria, Dr. Ben

Cooperman is also specialized in cosmetic dentistry. Whether your teeth just need to be

whitened or if you have crooked or chipped teeth, Dr. Cooperman can set you up with a smile

that will dazzle all those you meet.

This is a chance to remember to take care of yourself. Your smile and oral health are

important and vital to leading a healthy life. Book your routine check up today with Dr. Ben

Cooperman, your dentist in Peoria, by calling 623-289-9334. Our friendly staff is always

available to answer any questions and schedule an appointment at your convenience. We are

also open every other Saturday for those who may find it inconvenient to have a dental

appointment during the week. Take control of your oral health and get that smile you


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