Improve Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

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Most people love a smile makeover, but they still put off visits the dentist because they aren’t sure that their smile can ever be improved. However, there are a variety of cosmetic solutions available at Peoria Cosmetic Dentist that can provide noticeable results in any case. Here are some of our dental restorative and treatment services we offer:

Teeth Whitening

While there are plenty of products claiming to have answers for removing stains from the surface of your teeth, only a few of them can help achieve your desired smile. If you visit Dr. Benjamin Cooperman, the leading professional dentist in Peoria, he’ll offer two forms of treatment when whitening your teeth: an in-office GLO treatment or a take home GLO kit.

Some patient finds whitening at home more convenient. For this type of patients, Dr. Ben team construct a custom mouthpiece that ensures the appropriate amount of bleaching solution is exposed to every tooth. This at-home procedure can take two to three weeks.


Veneers are the best option to cover up dental imperfections. Whether it’s tooth decay, crooked or stained teeth, veneers can give you a long-term solution. Typically, the dentist takes the impression of your teeth, and remove a thin layer of enamel. The impression is sent off to the lab and custom veneer is created and cemented to your tooth. The primary benefit of opting for veneer is the fact that it gives your teeth more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Dental Implants

This surgical procedure is a permanent way to replace missing teeth. The dentist attaches small screws to your jawbone that act as natural roots, and later attach the crowns. Though dental implant takes several weeks to be completed, it’s the best route to consider if you want to get your smile back on track.

Tooth Bonding

Bonding is a process of applying a tooth-colored resin to hide dental flaws such as discolorations, chips, cracks, and gaps between the teeth. Since resins are available in a variety of shades, Dental Ben’s team ensures that the color of the resin matches your natural tooth shade. They shape the composite resin to its ideal form, harden it using UV light and polish it to enhance the appearance of the teeth.

It’s February, and that means love is in the air. As you plan to surprise your special partner with a lovely…..…Valentine gift, blend it with a beautiful smile.

Ready to fix your dental imperfections? Contact us or visit our cosmetic dentistry office in Peoria today and schedule your appointment.

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