Dr. Ben Cooperman’s New Favorite Electric Toothbrush

Dr. Ben Cooperman with electric toothbrush

Preventive care and an excellent daily oral hygiene regimen are the best ways to reduce dental issues in the future. Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes and daily flossing are essential good dental habits. But which type of toothbrush is the best for you?

A Regular Toothbrush or an Electric Toothbrush?

Both types of toothbrushes can give you excellent results as long as you use a correct brushing technique. However, depending on your dental needs, Dr. Cooperman may suggest the use of an electric toothbrush as it overall removes more plaque from your teeth and improves your gum health. People who suffer from arthritis or have other movement impairments may also benefit from an electric toothbrush as it makes brushing easier.

Which Electric Toothbrush Does Dr. Cooperman Suggest?

Peoria dentist Dr. Cooperman has worked with many models of electric toothbrushes but his current favorite is the Phillips Sonicare 4700. The Phillips Sonicare 4700 is an excellent electric toothbrush approved by the American Dental Association. It has great features such as 2 different cleaning modes (a standard clean and a gentler gum care mode), different brushing intensities, a built-in timer, brushsync technology which reminds you when you need to replace brush heads and a pressure sensor to avoid brushing too hard. These features are designed to ensure you brush your teeth for the right amount of time, evenly, with the right pressure as well as give you the option of personalizing the toothbrushing process to suit your preferences and needs.

Where Can I Purchase a Phillips Sonicare 4700 Electric Toothbrush?

This electric toothbrush model may be difficult to find in stores which is why we now have it available in our office for your convenience. It can be ordered from us for 70$ each. On your next visit do not hesitate to ask our staff for more information regarding the Phillips Sonicare 4700 electric toothbrush. It can not only be great for you to improve your oral health but can also make for a thoughtful gift for family and friends.

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