Do Americans Brush Their Teeth Everyday?

Do Americans Brush Their Teeth?

Brushing is essential to maintaining good dental health. According to the American Dental Association, two minutes should be dedicated each time when brushing.

Many Americans brush their teeth regularly, usually before breakfast and before bed, but are they doing enough to ensure optimal oral health?

How Often Do Americans Actually Brush Their Teeth?

Good news is that according to a Delta Dental survey, 70 percent of Americans brush their teeth at least twice per day, recommended by dental health professionals as part of maintaining optimal oral health. They typically spend between 1 and 2 minutes brushing.

Many people may blame their busy lifestyle for forgetting to brush their teeth. Honest people blame laziness as to why they don't brush their teeth enough. The real facts are that everyone has 4 minutes to spend brushing their teeth. The question is whether a person makes it a priority or not.

Do They Floss Enough?

Though brushing remains the centerpiece of dental care, flossing remains an integral component. By breaking up plaque and bacteria build-up between teeth, flossing helps break up deposits that could otherwise lead to gum disease and lead to eventual tooth loss if left untreated.

At most dental visits, the first question most dentists pose to their patients is whether or not they floss regularly. According to CDC research, flossing can lower risk for gum disease by breaking up bacteria and plaque that damage gums.

Though Americans know they should floss regularly, many Americans fail to do so. A study conducted by Delta Dental revealed that only four in 10 Americans floss every day, while 20 percent do not at all. Of course, those who do floss are more likely to report good oral health; the rest could use some help with their regimen. The CDC advises adults to floss at least once every day, between all teeth.

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