Dental Emergency During Holiday Season

Person with tooth pain

No visit to the emergency room is convenient. Emergencies during holidays are worse because most dentists are likely to be on holiday too. A report by the American Dental Association (ADA) shows 69.5% of dental emergency visits happen outside business hours.

The following tips by Dr. Cooperman, an emergency dentist in Peoria, will help you figure out how to handle four common scenarios


A toothache is an indication that something is amiss. Possibly a sign of an infection or tooth decay.

Start by gently removing any food debris from your teeth and then cleanse with lukewarm saltwater.

Applying a cold compress to your face will reduce the swelling. Over the counter pain medication helps with the pain. Don’t forget to call your dentist.

Broken Tooth

Teeth can break when you bite hard on crunchy foods like candy canes or toffee. Sometimes a little rough-housing among kids can also result in a chipped tooth.

If there is no pain, don’t continue eating hard foods to avoid breaking the tooth further. Rinse with warm water and save the broken pieces.

If you’re in pain, call a Peoria emergency dentist as you use over the counter pain medication.

Knocked-out Tooth

A tooth can be dislodged from the socket due to an injury from an accident. Find the tooth and rinse it with water. Do not try to remove any attached tissues in the process.

Try to return the tooth in its socket gently. If you can’t, store it in salty water or milk.

Call an emergency dentist in Peoria immediately. The likelihood of saving your tooth is minimal if you delay for too long.

A Broken Filling or Missing Crown

People who have previously undergone restoration treatments might push their luck too far during the festivities.

As a result, the fillings might break, and the crown might fall off. You need to save the pieces of the restorations. Try to slip back the crown into place but never glue it. Seek help from a Peoria emergency dentist.

Don’t Let It Spoil Your Holiday!

Any dental emergency should be attended to by a dentist as soon as possible. Dr. Ben is an emergency dentist in Peoria. When you call the office, you have the option to reach his cell phone directly.

We hope you never have to deal with a dental emergency. But just in case it happens, keep our number on hand.

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