Dental Ben’s Recommends an Electric Toothbrush

Pro-SYS electric toothbrush

When it comes to convenience and efficiency, electric toothbrushes have the upper hand compared to manual ones. Most dentists, including Dr. Benjamin Cooperman, prefer and recommend electric toothbrushes due to their numerous benefits. If you are still using a manual toothbrush, it’s time to reconsider.

Why You Should Use an Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush comes packed with numerous benefits, which is why Dr. Ben always recommend the PRO-SYS VarioSonic Electric Toothbrush to his patients. Here are some of the reasons you should be using one.

1. It Is Easy to Use

With an electric toothbrush, you don’t have to exert your energy brushing your teeth. You just plug it in, position it, and leave it to clean your teeth. They are also more engaging and fun for kids to use.

For people with mobility issues and conditions like arthritis, brushing teeth can be uncomfortable and even painful. However, you don’t have to worry about pain when you have an electric toothbrush. The fact that it is hands-free and automatic lessens the strain on your joints and saves you the discomfort.

2. More Effective at Reducing Plaque and Gingivitis

Electric toothbrushes perform better in reducing plaque and gingivitis. An electric toothbrush removes plaque by 21% and gingivitis by 11% better than manual toothbrushes, according to a study published by Cochrane Oral Health Group. This means healthier teeth and gums, and fewer visits to the dentist.

3. Variety of Features for All Dental Needs

An electric toothbrush comes with a variety of features that makes brushing your teeth more efficient and comfortable. They include:

  • Different brushing modes: Whether you need teeth whitening, gum massage, or suffer from sensitivity, the electric toothbrush has you covered. The various modes available allows you to customize your brushing to suit your dental needs. With the PRO-SYS VarioSonic Electric Toothbrush, you can switch to Mode 1 if you’ve sensitive teeth and gums, or Mode 5 if your dental health is in perfect shape.
  • Sensors: Brushing too hard hurts your teeth and gums and may lead to receding gums and sensitivity. The sensors work to regulate your brushing intensity and will notify you if you’re brushing too hard. Get yourself the recommended PRO-SYS VarioSonic electric toothbrush and protect yourself from painful brushing sessions.
  • Timers: Timers ensure that you brush for the recommended 2 minutes. They give you a signal after every 30 seconds so you can change the position of your brush for adequate coverage. This way, you get a thorough and more comprehensive oral cleaning.

Contact Dr. Ben for PRO-SYS VarioSonic Toothbrush

The PR0-SYS VarioSonic Electric Toothbrush is what you need if you desire healthier teeth and gums. What’s more, it can last for up to a month on a full charge and goes for only $50. Contact Dr. Ben at 623-289-9334 to get yourself a powered toothbrush and give your teeth the care it deserves.

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