Back-to-School Reminder: Schedule Your Kids' Dental Check-up

Dr. Ben Cooperman with a family at Dental Ben's in Peoria

We know the past year has been difficult for our kids which is why we all want them to start off the new school year with a big smile and Peoria’s family dentist, Dr. Ben Cooperman, is ready to welcome them back for a dental check-up before returning to school. Now is the best time to schedule the check-up, before your children get too involved with school and activities, studying or online classes at home. Whether your children are headed back to school and taking in-person classes or doing online classes over zoom, they deserve a healthy smile to get through the next school year.


Why are Kids Dental Check-ups important?

As soon as a child’s teeth come in, they can get cavities. This is why taking them for routine check-ups from an early age is very important as during the check-up, Dr. Cooperman can check for cavities, tooth decay, and go over proper tooth cleaning habits.


When should children start getting routine check-ups?

The American Dental Association recommends that parents bring their child to the dentist by their first birthday, or as soon as the first tooth appears. The CDC reports that 19.5% of children ages 2-5 have untreated cavities because many parents may wait too long before bringing them for a dental check-up. If the dentist does find that your child has a cavity, sealants and fluoride applications can protect teeth from additional decay.


How often should they have a routine check-up?

Routine check ups should be scheduled every 6 months unless Dr. Cooperman, Peoria’s family dentist, suggests differently based on your children’s dental situation.


Does the check-up include a cleaning?

Yes,we recommend scheduling your cleaning followed by an exam with Dr. Ben. Many children and adults may not be able to fully remove plaque build-up and tartar which can be removed by our Hygienist. This way they will leave the dentist with a fresh feeling, clean and healthy smile.


To schedule your kids’ dental check-up with Peoria family dentist, Dr. Ben Cooperman, call our offices at (623) 289-9334. We hope to make it easier on you and your family to take care of your dental needs and to look on the bright side with a beautiful, clean and healthy smile for the coming school year.


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